MULTIPLEX Music Series

 Presenting improvised music at The State House in New Haven, CT

Multiplex is on hiatus like everything else. 
StaySafeStayHome.  See you when its over.


The State House in New Haven will host the third season of  Sunday concerts of improvised music on March 8th,  and   May 3rd.  This season will feature Matinee concerts beginning at 2pm and end at 5pm.

The series is called MULTIPLEX. Each concert in the series will feature 3 or more groups or solo performers chosen from the extraordinary pool of improvising musicians here in New Haven, in Connecticut, in New York, and in New England.

MULTIPLEX is curated by Joe Morris and Bob Gorry who will also perform on each of the scheduled concerts.

The State House



1.   consisting of many elements in a complex relationship.

"multiplex ties of work and friendship"


Previous Multiplex Concerts

Multiplex 1,  January 27th 2019

  • Joe Morris-guitar, Dan O'Brien-clarinet, saxophone
  • Bob Gorry-guitar, Jeff Cedrone-guitar, Adam Matlock-accordion, Tom Hogan-drums 
  • Stephen Haynes-cornet, Jeff Platz-guitar, Damon Smith-double bass, Matt Crane-drums and percussion.
  • Chris Pitsiokos-solo alto saxophon

Multiplex 2, March 10th 2019

  • Joe Morris-guitar,  DoYeon Kim-gaygaeum
  • Bob Gorry-guitar, Pete Brunelli-Bass, Peter Riccio-Drums
  • Paul Flaherty-alto sax, Matthew Rousseau-drums, Joe Morris-Bass       
  • Nick DiMaria-trumpet, Ryan Sands-drums, Andrew Zwart-bass, Alec Rice-vibes

Multiplex 3, April 28th 2019

  • Joe Morris, Jaimie Branch-Trumpet, Paul Gunsberg-Drums
  • Bob Gorry-Guitar, Stan Nishimura-Trombone
  • Carl Testa-Bass, Mike Pride-Marimba, Joe Morris-guitar
  • Anne Rhodes-voice & Gneiss

Multiplex 4,  September 8th 2019

  • SHOCK AXIS : Joe Morris-guitar, Chris Cretella-bass, Dave Parmelee-drums
  • Bob Gorry-guitar, Jeff Cedrone-guitar, Michael Kiefer-drums
  • Paul Gunsberg-electronics
  • Adam Matlock-accordion, voice

Multiplex 5, October 27th 2019

  • Joe Morris - drums,  Jamie Saft - Keyboards 
  • Bob Gorry - guitar,  Vance Provey - Trumpet,  Paul Gunsberg - Drums, Saxophones
  • Michael Larocca - drums and percussion, Caleb Duval - bass and electronics, Cole Olsen - guitar
  • Grant Beale Project – Guitar, Dan O'Brien on Reeds, Brandon Delisio and Steve Niemitz on Drums+

Multiplex 6, December 8th 2019

  • Geometry 3: Joe Morris-guitar,  Taylor Ho Bynum-cornet,
      Kyoko Kitamura-voice
  • Bob Gorry-Guitar, Brett Bottomley-Chapman Stick
  • Stephen Haynes-cornet, Ben Gerstein, Ben Stapp-Tuba, Sam Newsome-Soprano Sax
  • Joe Morris-, Will Greene-Saxophone

Multiplex 7, March 8th 2020

  • Joe Morris-drums, Adam Lane-Bass,  Stephen Gauci-Sax
  • Bob Gorry-guitar, Michael Paolucci-drums, Conor Perreault - electronics
  • Mixashawn Rozie - Saxophone, Flute, Stories